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Welcome to Relitive Technologies Limited


Specialising in Information Technology services, Relitive Technologies Limitied is dedicated to understanding your requirements. We understand that with today's industries relying ever more heavily on a robust and reliable IT infrastructure, it is imperitive that your business does not lose productivity, potential clients or data due to inadequate systems. By investing quality time and effort into understanding your business, our technical team will choose the technologies that will give you the best balance of performance, cost & delivery timescale


Relitive can provide your business with everything you need to efficiently carry out your business, based on your unique situation. An array of experience allows Relitive Technologies Limited to offer a broad range of services; on-site staff, Remote Network management , Network Design, Office space IT requirements and individual PC consultation. Employing microsoft certified staff we endeavor to place quality first and foremost in our design and consultation. Always challenging not only our own methodology but also that of other industry standards, continually evolving as technology moves forward. With Information Technology maturing everyday, Relitive Technologies Limited realises that its' customers require a greater level of sophistication and functionality from their IT systems. Relitive strives to meet this challenge head on by keeping abreast of modern, more productive technologies.






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